Credit Management (Law) Ltd short courses 


   An introduction to credit management in the legal sector 

This is designed for people with experience in credit management who would like to transfer their skills or prepare themselves for a role in the legal sector.

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This course is an on-line, work from home option which runs for 30 minutes per day.  All you need is access to a computer and headset with microphone or telephone.  You will receive an E workbook every day which you can work through when you like and at your own pace.  You have access to your tutor throughout the programme.

This is not a qualification course.  It can be a pre-cursor to the ICM Certificate in Legal Sector Credit Management.    

Following the programme, learners will be able to demonstrate that they understand the culture, regulatory requirements, working capital control, lock up and the importance of relationship management required for success in the legal sector.   

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What our students say......

"The Introductory course to Credit Management in the Legal sector has been synonymous with a great adventure for me. 

The course is brilliantly designed by experienced credit professionals and offers a wonderful insight into credit management in the legal sector. I particularly enjoyed the new interactive mode of teaching devised for the course as it takes you on a pleasant journey through the subject. I would strongly recommend this course to others and hope they enjoy it as much as I did." 

Benita Sajadah.


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